Composite Support & Solutions Inc. [CSSI]
was established in 2001 to expand the application of composite material technologies with the objective of developing innovative products for new markets. One primary example of that has been the company’s widely adopted Intelli-Firewall for the utility marketplace. We are continuing to innovate and are working with a broad range of clients needing to protect increasingly valuable utility, data, and energy assets. CSSI also continues to work on research projects for a variety of government agencies and private businesses.

Dr. Clem Hiel, the founder and President of CSSI, has a long and distinguished career in the composite materials field that includes over 12 years at NASA-Ames Research Center where he was a Principal Investigator in the composite materials research program. In 2008, he was named a Fellow of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering [SAMPE] in 2008. He’s built out a team to support his vision for developing and manufacturing new asset protection products. Those include standard products as well as custom engineered solutions.